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Endometriosis Blog: ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!!

I sincerely hope to make a meatier post later today but for now...

Let's celebrate one month of this blog's existence by reading the latest updates to the lengthy and informative post: "Deirdre's Brilliant Comment Has Resulted (Unknowingly) Into a Full-Blown Endometriosis Post!" It was posted on June 28th. It was inspired by a comment by "Deirdre" on another post. To view new comments, simply click on "comments" underneath the "Deirdre post".

I hope to post more tonight if my energy level and pain level will allow me to do so.

Please check back regularly and often. I will make every effort to update/maintain this blog to the best of my ability.

One last note: we now have a full month of archives to read if you are interested. Just go to the June archives to see over a dozen articles!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so proud of your one-month-anniversary for your blog! I love this blog!

Jeanne said...


Yay! THANK YOU for the kind words. I absolutely love this blog and I'm glad you love it too! You AND all of the other comment-writers AND all of the readers are going to make this blog thrive by keeping the information & support flowing.


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