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Endo Blog: Infertility Resource Provided by Alicia... Tertia Albertyn's Blog About "Infertiles"

Today's post is easy because the info jumped right out at me. Alicia, an endo and infertility patient who posts comments often on this blog and is a wonderful friend, told me about a blog I'd never seen before... about one woman's struggle with infertility.

The following blog (see her blog link below) is written by a woman named Tertia Albertyn, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa and calls herself "an infertile". This is one very persistent and determined woman! After reading her most recent post and her bio, I realized she has had 10 IVF procedures done!

Before I get to the link to her blog, I should forewarn you there is some swearing in her most recent post: "How to be Good Friends with an Infertile".

So I wanted to give you a "heads up" since I made a point of asking for no profanity on my comment boards (see my June 29, 2008 post "Endometriosis Blog: Ground Rules for Comments, Google, and AdSense PLUS My Anticipated Response Time for Comments").

While I don't use profanity in my posts, I won't shy away from sharing Tertia Albertyn's blog with you... since I believe many of our readers will take comfort in Tertia's words regarding her struggle with infertility.

Here is the link to the "So Close" blog, written by Tertia Loebenberg Albertyn.


Whether you are experiencing infertility caused by endometriosis or other factors OR just trying to support an infertile friend or loved one, I think you'll find this blog interesting!

Infertility can be a devastating, isolating, and heartbreaking journey.

Sense of humor can be crucial when dealing with such a dark emotional subject as infertility. This blog (check out the bio) provides a wickedly good sense of humor, insight, and wit to a very real and painful condition that affects so many!

Tertia Albertyn's link was published with permission from Tertia Loebenberg Albertyn.

This article was posted by Jeanne via "Jeanne's Endo Blog" at www.endendoat.blogspot.com.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked her blog! I'm addicted!

Jeanne said...

I can see why you like it so much. I can only imagine how good her book is! :)

vk said...

I discovered Teria's blog yesterday-or maybe the day before. My days run together. Nevertheless, I loved her funny yet heart retching blog. I put myself in her place. Oh my goodness, my life would have been so different. Thanks Teria and Janne for the education.

Jeanne said...


Hello and welcome! I'm so glad you found us. Yes, Tertia's blog was interesting indded. I'm so glad Alicia sent me the link so that I could share it here.

Yes, it was yesterday that I posted about Tertia's blog on infertility.

I emailed Tertia yesterday for permission to write about her infertility blog.

Any woman who can go through IVF 10 times must be a very strong woman!

I love that her sense of humor seems to be more than just plain intact. I'm guessing that her sense of humor has gotten even "sharper" from all of her challenges with being what she calls "an infertile". That's just a guess on my part but anyone who still has ANY sense of humor after going through what she has been through is doing something right!

I know what you mean about days blending together. My days run together too. My sister has this happen and she calls it a "time warp". It's a pretty accurate way to describe having difficulty remembering what day it is all the time.

I'm always asking people the date when I'm signing a privacy form at the lab or doctor... or whatever else requires me to write the date. My days blend together and time seems to fly by too fast for me to ever get "caught up".

Yes, Tertia's blog (that bio!) was alternating between making me feel like I was going to cry and cracking me up. Her bio has some preciously humorous parts to it.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading Tertia's blog on "infertiles".

What do you think of this endometriosis blog?

Jeanne :)

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