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Endometriosis Topics: What Interests YOU??? Let's VOTE Using A SHORT Poll To Show What We Want To Read About Endometriosis!

Making Our Endo Blog the Best It Can Be:

I thought this might be a perfect time to ask you and other endo blog readers like you for your input!!

Story ideas/topics can range from one word ones like "infertility" to phrases/questions on loaded topics like "does anyone have tips for dealing with loved ones who just do not understand the limitations that endometriosis puts on me?"

In an effort to determine how to best meet your needs, I have developed a SHORT poll.

Please view the new (and very quick!!) poll. It's in the right (pink) sidebar - after "welcome" and before "archive" sections - of this blog. So cast your votes and have your voice be heard!

I've included the poll to determine which topics interest endo blog readers the most. It allows you to VOTE for one or more of the topics listed. It'll provide feedback for me on YOUR support needs and I'll get to see what my fellow patients are looking for/expecting in an endo blog.

Simply select any (or all) options you find applicable; then just click on "vote" to view the results of the voting by you and other endo blog readers thus far!

I think the best way to make this blog successful and thriving is to elicit input from endo blog readers like you! Who better to ask for input than YOU???

You may know exactly what information/support you're searching for or in need of...

Or maybe you are overwhelmed and NOT sure what to look for...

Either way, I'm sure you can help me focus in on the issues that will be most meaningful and useful for you and your circumstances.

I could honestly write blog posts all day, every day --- but it wouldn't be very productive or useful if no one reads them or finds them helpful! THIS POLL is a chance for YOU to provide input that will help me focus in on the topics that matter to YOU the most!

Please take just a moment (I just checked it's 9 quick clicks OR LESS!) to do the endo blog readers' poll. Just select the topic(s) most interesting to you.

Also, IF you fall into strictly the "other" category listed last, please feel free to email me directly with any endo ideas(s) that I did not list --- but that you would like to see featured. In that case, just email to this address: endendo@frontiernet.net.

If you email ideas directly, PLEASE fill in the email's subject line with "endo blog ideas" (or something similar) --- so your wonderful emails won't get lost amongst a bunch of spam... and I'll be able to use your input & ideas to create new posts for the endo blog. I can't guarantee I'll cover each idea submitted immediately but I will most likely take bits and pieces from endo-related idea emails I get and somehow interweave them into a narrative.

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