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Endo Blog: Let's Hear From One of Our Readers

Hi all!

OK. So, as many of you are already aware, Alicia is far more than a random reader of my blog (not that there is anything wrong with being a random reader of my blog)!!!! :)

Alicia is also a friend of mine. Anyway, she has her own blog and posts comments on this blog regularly (and vice versa).

Today her post was about "Endometriosis and Infertility". I am including her link here in this post:


While Alicia's blog link is conveniently listed on the very bottom of my homepage all the time, along with some other links that may interest you... I thought I'd "plug it" here too. Alicia has been through a great deal during her "endo journey". Granted, so many of us have had challenging "endo journeys" of our own.

The thing is that this is why we can relate to one another so well. When I get connected with a fellow endo patient, it often leads to a strong bond because we automatically have so much in common going in.

So please check out Alicia's July 6, 2008 blog post on endo & infertility.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! You're Awesome!!!!

Jeanne said...


Seriously, I really enjoyed your post on endometriosis and infertility at your blog:


I like the way you tied together your own experiences with Tertia Albertyn's blog link:


... and also with "The Spoon Theory" found on:

One of the local endometriosis support group members sent me the "Spoon Theory" link a couple of years back and I have been distributing it ever since. It's great!

Your enthusiasm for sharing information and learning more each day about how to manage your endometriosis is admirable.

You are determined and persistent. These are 2 qualities that really come in handy for endo patients!


Jeanne said...


It would help when stating that I'm listing your "endometriosis and infertility" post from YOUR blog if I really listed YOUR blog's address!!:


I'm sorry for the confusion. I'll call that "brain fog" from my fibromyalgia... I guess.

Also, Tertia's infertility blog link looks like it may have been truncated (on my screen anyway) in the comment field.

It should read:



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