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New Endometriosis Blog By "Alex" --- A/K/A: "The Harry Potter Blogger"!

If you haven't yet read yesterday's post and are working your way backwards, you may want to refer to it to avoid some confusion...

In yesterday's blog post, I wrote about a couple of blogs. One of them was actually a Harry Potter blog but it was written by an endometriosis patient named Alex.

Now this gets a little confusing because Alex (the Harry Potter blogger from yesterday's post: "Saturday, July 19, 2008 Endometriosis Blog: HOPE Really Matters For Healing, Coping, & Managing Chronic Illness!") is not to be confused with...

ALEXANDRA CARMICHAEL (from the "Tuesday, July 15, 2008 Endo News Flash!! An ENDOMETRIOSIS RESEARCH ORGANIZATION called CureTogether Launches On JULY 15, 2008!!!" post).

So ALEXANDRA CARMICHAEL is the medical researcher who Co-Founded CureTogether (www.CureTogether.com), an organization which is doing research on migraines, endometriosis, and vulvodynia. CureTogether launched their organization on July 15TH.

Alex is the "Harry Potter blogger" I mentioned in yesterday's blog.

Here is where it could get a little confusing... ALEXANDRA CARMICHAEL is is not to be confused with "Alex", the Harry Potter blogger I mentioned yesterday. The reason you might get confused (besides the similar names) is that "Alex" has a new ENDO PROJECT of her own... as of now!

Alex has just started writing an endometriosis blog:



Alex said that my post yesterday "spurred her" to get working on an endo blog she has been thinking of doing for awhile. She must have worked quickly because just hours after my post, she posted in the comment field on my endo blog (see yesterday's 7/19/2008 post) to announce her new endo blog! It's hard to believe she just whipped it up because it looks so good! (I'm thinking maybe she had it started and she then finished setting it up on 7/19)???

She already has a detailed, thorough, well-written story about her "endo history". She also already has links to several endo organizations and associations. She is moving right along!

So if you get confused as to who is who, here is a quick summary...

Today's endo news:

Alex is the author of the endo blog called: "The In's & Out's Of Endo": THOUGHTS ON LIVING, LAUGHING, AND LOVING THROUGH THE PAIN AND STRUGGLES OF ENDOMETRIOSIS". To link to her blog, just click on the hyperlink at the bottom of my blog in the "Some of My Frequently Visited Sites" section.

July 15TH's endo news:

ALEXANDRA CARMICHAEL is the Co-Founder of CureTogther (www.CureTogether.com), an organization which is doing research on migraines, endometriosis, and vulvodynia. CureTogether launched their organization on July 15TH.

It's a good thing they don't have the exact same name or things could really get confusing. :)

So, anyway, THIS post is to welcome Alex as a new endo blogger and author of:


Congratulations on your new blog, Alex! It looks fantastic! I posted a lengthy response to Alex's first post. Others (maybe you!) may wish to read my comment on her new endo blog.


Got all that?? :)

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Mckay K said...

Alex'x blog is simply beautiful. I don't know how she did all that in one day but what ever she did, it is worth it. She must have pulled an allnighter like some other people I know often do. I will not call any names, but we know who we are!

From reading the other blogs, Alexandra Carmichael's CureTogether is really taking off. That has to be so encouraging to her.

Stay well

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's going to be a great blog!

Jeanne said...

mckay k,

I agree!! Alex's new endo blog:


... is just beautiful! I'm guessing she must have had it at least started creating b/4 yesterday, right?? It's FANTASTIC!!

I know what you mean about those all-nighters (YAWN)! Unfortunately, I know TOO well what you are talking about. I won't name any names but I know I'm not the only one who keeps unusual hours... Yes, we know who we are! :)

Yes, Alexandra Carmichael's CureTogether organization and website is so exciting! I agree that it's really taking off! I can only imagine she must be pleased with how rapidly the site is catching on with website readers, site reviewers, website idea submitters, etc.

Don't you just love the way they (CureTogether) have the option to review and rate blogs???

Don't you just love that you can submit great blogs to CureTogether to be displayed on their site and spread the word about all of the wonderful sites out there???

I think CureTogether is off to a FANTASTIC start!

You stay well too!!


Jeanne said...


I couldn't agree more. Alex is off to an outstanding start on her new endo blog! It's so great!

If anyone hasn't seen it yet and wants to, just click on the hyperlink in my favorites at the very bottom of my homepage.

Under my frequently visited sites, you'll find Alex's "in's & out's" site listed.

Just click it to pull it up and see what everyone's talking about!


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