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Endometriosis Blogger Honors BlogHer '08 (San Francisco)!

Well, the BlogHer '08 Conference in San Francisco, California concluded yesterday.

I read about this conference for months before I even became a blogger on June 1, 2008. The anticipation had really been building for many people regarding this conference.

Since becoming a blogger, it seems to be something I heard or read about on a daily basis. So many of the blogs I've come across as I've started up my own blog were written by women who were going to the BlogHer '08 conference in San Francisco.

Last week I wrote two Guest Blog articles for Tracee Sioux of www.sosiouxme.com while she was on her trip to the BlogHer conference.

When reading Pamela Jeanne's infertility blog Coming2Terms, I learned she was also attending BlogHer.

There has been a lot of buzz about this exciting conference on many blogs I've seen in recent months.

I would be lying to you if I said I didn't envy those who has the opportunity to attend the BlogHer '08 Conference in San Francisco.

There are a multitude of reasons my secret desire to attend this conference made no sense but it didn't make want stop wishing I were going to it:

(1) I have only been blogging since June 1, 2008 and it would have been premature for me to go.

(2) With my illnesses and level of disability, a trip for a conference in San Francisco, CA would be impossible for my body to handle.

(3) I wouldn't have been able to afford it.

(4) Most likely it has been booked for many months... before I even had heard much about it.

By using twitter and email, I have had some communication with Tracee Sioux during her trip.

I also twittered back and forth with Pamela Jeanne (Coming2Terms) during the conference.

Also, I was invited on twitter to be a contact person for a woman named Kristen King (who was at BlogHer); I later read Kristen's twitter update that she had met Tracee at the conference.

I read transcripts that someone transcribed live (and they did an amazing job capturing the comments and giving readers the idea of what it might be like to be there) and received twitter updates from several people regarding which workshop they were in, how awesome it was, what type of topics were covered, etc.

So I guess you could say that I stayed close to my computer this weekend and lived somewhat vicariously through those who has the privilege to attend this conference.

I have always wanted to go to San Francisco. It's one of those cities that looks so pretty in the movies: the hilly, winding streets and the trolleys... It just looks like a fun place to check out. So I am happy for those who did attend! By all accounts I heard the conference was a big success.

I have installed a cute BlogHer '08 "widget/tool" in my right sidebar right under my bio. Check it out!! There are links to sooooooo many blogs on it!! Just click on what looks interesting to you and the blog will pop up.

Since the widget gave an option to 'add yourself', I did just that. If you sort by first name under "jeanne", you'll get to my blog. These widgets are out there everywhere. I found that out yesterday when I got slammed with email after I had added myself on the widget. I encourage you to check out other bloggers on the widget.

For more info about BlogHer conferences see this link:

This article was posted by Jeanne via "Jeanne's Endo Blog" at www.endendoat.blogspot.com.

Have a great day! :)


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way! I'm a bit jealous of all who were able to attend!

Jeanne said...


I must admit I was a bit "green with envy".

It sounded so great from everything I heard, read, & saw on the Internet.

I heard it was the biggest blogger conference ever held, regardless of gender! It must have been a rush to be there!

Tracee Sioux (empowering women & girls) was a speaker and I believe so was Pamela Jeanne (infertility).

I can't imagine!

Jeanne :)

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