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Endo News Flash!! An ENDOMETRIOSIS RESEARCH ORGANIZATION called CureTogether Launches On JULY 15, 2008!!!

Meet Alexandra Carmichael! She is the Co-Founder of CureTogether. It is a medical research organization you will learn about in this post! I met Alexandra myself (via an email initially and then by phone) just a few short days ago! I have some VERY EXCITING news to announce. It's about CureTogether's official launch today!! Today (July 15, 2008) marks the launch of a NEW medical research organization!
This organization, CureTogether, has chosen 3 conditions on which to focus their research initially:
You heard me right! CureTogether has picked 3 illnesses to research initially and every single one of them affects multiple women in my local endometriosis support group!!!

Who knows how many endometriosis patients worldwide ALSO are affected by vulvodynia and/or migraines??? I know of one local support group member who has all three of the above!! This launch of a new medical research organization with such fantastic priorities is fabulous and exciting news!!!

Their website (also launching today!) is:


You could be one of the very first visitors to their website simply by clicking the link above. If you do visit their site, I'm sure you'll be as thrilled as I was when I first laid eyes on it!!!

These conditions directly affect so many women (and men too, of course, in the case of migraines). These conditions also affect the families, friends, and sometimes even employers of the patients who are directly impacted by ENDOMETRIOSIS, VULVODYNIA, and MIGRAINES. These are serious conditions for the patients who have them. This is a massive milestone: a medical research organization that is specifically targeting illnesses they view as underfunded and in need of research... like endometriosis!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of talking with Alexandra Carmichael by phone (see her photo above this post). She and I talked about her organization, CureTogether. Alexandra Carmichael and her husband, Daniel Reda, have Co-Founded this medical research organization. If you view the "Our Team" section of their new www.CureTogether.com website, you can read their bio information. You will also be able to read about Clarence Chandran, Advisor and Chairman of Chandran Family Foundation Inc. AND about Dr. Ursula Wesselmann. She is Professor of Anesthesiology and Neurology in the Department of Anesthesiology/Division of Pain Management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is also a Scientific Advisor for CureTogether (www.CureTogether.com).

This organization, CureTogether, is just launching today and it already boasts a talented group of individuals who care deeply about helping endometriosis, vulvodynia, and migraine patients!! It was all I could do to wait from this past weekend until today to post this article because I am so excited! I was thrilled after viewing the site. I was psyched after Alexandra Carmichael emailed me to announce her organization's launch on July 15, 2008. Finally, I am absolutely ecstatic after speaking with Alexandra by phone this past weekend. Her passion for this research is outstanding and I cannot wait to see what this organization accomplishes. It will surely be a great deal, based on what I have learned in just the past few days.

It is with great honor that I previewed the www.CureTogether.com website just a few days early. It was exciting to see what the site already had before the organization had even launched. I can't imagine the heights this organization will reach after speaking with Alexandra Carmichael, viewing the site, and exchanging numerous emails with her this past week.

It is an HONOR to announce CureTogether to the world from my humble little "endo blog".

PLEASE take a moment to look at CureTogether's great website and see what all the buzz is about! I sure am glad Alexandra Carmichael stumbled upon my "Jeanne's Endo Blog" a few days ago and emailed me about CureTogether's launch! I would like to thank her for informing me about CureTogether!
I welcome any comments from my readers here on my endo blog (just click comments at the end of this article to post your comments/feedback). Also, I think you can comment on CureTogether's website directly with feedback. (I believe it will also accept your comments online because their site took my comments the other day pre-launch). I'm hoping my local endometriosis support group members will give CureTogether a warm welcome too!
Please post your feedback both here AND at their site if you can.
This article was posted by Jeanne via "Jeanne's Endo Blog" at www.endendoat.blogspot.com.


Mckay K said...

WOW Jeanne! What a great opportunity for you and the blogging community.

After reading your blog, I did visit the site of CureTogether. The credentials of the founders are quite impressive.

They have embarked on a journey that can be beneficial to so many chronically ill people as well as their families.

My hope is that they will succeed in opening up their research to the community and distributing it to the research and development organizations that can make a difference.

It can work if we join together and participate. It would certainly be a plus if each member of your blogging community and support group would visit the site, join CureTogether, and post a review of your site, as I have done. But, it cannot stop there. Participation in the program is a must.

Alexandra Carmichael said...

Thanks Jeanne, for your energy and enthusiasm, and for helping to spread the word and raise awareness about endometriosis through your blog. Your dedication and desire to help people is an inspiration.
Thanks for posting about CureTogether too!
Best wishes,

Jeanne said...

mckay k,

Isn't it exciting?! I just love CureTogether's whole philosophy on things in gereral!

Isn't their site just great?

THANK YOU for mentioning this endo blog there (!!) - on www.CureTogether.com - and it gives us all more network traffic (i.e. reaching more people)!

Your comments are so thoughtful and heartwarming!!!! :) THANK YOU!!!

I'm so glad you like this blog, as I do yours:


Your comments of "well written" & "information is thoroughly researched and it is explained in a way that anyone can understand it" comments just really made my day (after a long one!)

Your inclusion of my endo blog amongst your favorites is an honor! THANK YOU!!!!!

Yes, their research will surely help many patients!

I agree with your observation that their concept for opening up communications between parties involved is very huge!!!

Having researchers, patients, etc.... working TOGETHER on the same page, it will be great!!!

Now you're starting to think like me!!! :) If each member of this blogging community and my local support group would visit the CureTogether website, join CureTogether, and post a review of this blog, as you have done, it would absolutely thrill me more than you can imagine!!!!! AGREED!

I agree... participation is a must! Patients can't sit back and hope others will volunteer on behalf of the endometriosis/chronic illness community. All patients seeking cures and improved treatments need to find their way to help the cause --- in some way.

We all have to work together to pool our talents, knowledge, and experience to move forward. EVERYONE has something to offer.

For some it's time; for others it's funding; for yet others it's providing networking resources and/or media contacts! Others have experience to share. ALL of the above matter!

Not all patients can or wish to act as research studies but we can all contribute to the progress somehow!

We must move forward and help those too young and/or sick to help themselves just yet. We need to raise a generation of children who value teamwork, cooperation, hard work, education, math, science, engineering and simply moving forwards towards a common goal!

CureTogether seems to really have it all wrapped up in one package!

I am honored to have helped out, in some small way, with their organization's and website's launch on July 15, 2008.

I believe this is a sign of good things to come down the pike! :)

Jeanne said...


Thanks! Ironically the very qualities you mentioned (energy and enthusiasm, helping to spread the word and raise awareness about endometriosis through your site) are part of what I admire about you!

Your devotion to helping people is a role model for others to follow.

Your upbeat, positive attitude plus fantastic experience (and your obvious
passion for this crucial medical research) are outstanding.

Thanks for posting here and for allowing me to participate in doing my small part in publicing your organization. It was my honor an pleaseure to provide a small help.

Say "hi" to eveyone at ogether too!

Jeanne at:

Everyone, please keep checking out the new website:

Thank you for posting here.

Be well,


Jeanne said...


The night before last I had 0 hours and 0 minutes of sleep. As you can see, this resulted in me making some typographical errors in my comment back to Alexandra on this post (embarrassing)!

I do not know of a way to edit a published comment field on a BlogSpot site (posts yes, comments no).

So here is the correct URL address for this blog:


Embarrassingly once again, I didn't properly spell the research organization's name (CureTogether) as I was semi-consciously typing remarks back to comments last night when I should have probably been sleeping.

Please excuse my silly spelling errors. Spelling errors are a pet peeve of mine so it is embarrassing to me that they are there but I can't fix them.

So please understand that I'm just sleep-deprived and extraordinarily anxious about some serious health problems I'm going through.

Thank you for your patience while I maintain this imperfect but very well-intended blog. :)


P.S. Basically the point I was trying to make in my comment back to Alexandra is that she totally rocks and is helping so many people!

Alexandra Carmichael said...

No worries, Jeanne! I've definitely been there in terms of sleep deprivation myself. :)
Thank you for all you do.

Jeanne said...

Thanks, Alexandra! You seem to understand what I'm saying before I even say it. :) Thank YOU!

I'm thankful I got some sleep last night to compensate for the night before but I'm still "out of it".

Thanks for your understanding...


P.S. I love the saying "no worries". It makes me think of the drink coasters at Outback Steakhouse that say "no worries" on them. Their clam chowder is awesome there! Oh, the days when I could afford to eat at Outback. Ha ha. :)

My Endo Journey said...

Very exciting!

Jeanne said...

Dear "My Endo Journey",

YES, it is VERY exciting!!!

CureTogether and www.curetogether.com are so thrilling to me!!

After talking with Alexandra Carmichael (Co-Founder of CureTogether) by phone, emailing back & forth, and posting on each other's sites... I can tell she is "the real deal" and she is PASSIONATE about helping endo patients!!!

I did a wee bit of detective work and tracked you down on your blog. THANK YOU for listing my blog on yours!

I have just taken a quick peek at your blog and look forward to looking at it more but I just had to stop and respond here first!

I am so happy you found my blog and vice versa. I am so happy to see that Alexandra posted on your blog too!

It is so amazing how the Internet can bring like-minded people together. I have HOPE now that someday there WILL be a cure for endometriosis. It may not be overnight, of course. I do believe it's possible, though!!!

Alexandra just "rocks" and so do you!

Thank you for taking the time & energy to post here and I hope you'll visit this blog often!!!

I'm going to check out more of your blog and/or respond to your 2nd post now!

Have an awesome day! I can't wait to hear more posts from you. Looking at your blog made my day and it's only 9:43 am!



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