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My Guest Blogging Gig On "Endometriosis & Body Image" at www.blogfabulous.com for Tracee Sioux

I'll include the link to view the article I wrote as Guest Blogger for Tracee Sioux's blog in a moment but FIRST here is the link to her general BlogFabulous blog itself:

http://www.blogfabulous.com blog

It's a blog devoted to empowering women and girls!

Tracee is speaking at the BlogHer conference in San Francisco and I'm honored to be featured as a Guest Blogger while she is away!!

NOW, my particular article... It was dubbed by Tracee Sioux: "Endo & Body Image, Jeanne".

To read my "Endo & Body Image, Jeanne" article...

Just click below:


The article I wrote (see above link) speaks to an issue that affects just about every endometriosis patient I have ever encountered.

In fact, I daresay it affects most chronically ill people in general!

Chronic illness in just about any form can have profound psychological effects.

I have found psychotherapy extremely helpful (the paid kind from a licensed therapist and the free kind my wonderful friends and family provide so generously)!!

I don't mean to diminish the value of professional therapy in any way!! It has helped me a great deal!!! My therapist is COMPLETELY AMAZING!!!

It's just that my friends and family are great, patient listeners too (with great insights and feedback) and they should get credit for the wonderful support they give me as well.

When I add the support I get from my therapist, family/friends, local endometriosis support group members, and the readers of this very blog... I realize I am very fortunate indeed to have such loving support from so many!!

I do my BEST to reciprocate any way I can AND to show my gratitude!!!

Thank you ALL of you for the amazing support you give me each and every day!

The last couple of months have been a wild ride for me but your support has helped immensely!


This article was posted by Jeanne via "Jeanne's Endo Blog" at www.endendoat.blogspot.com.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for such a wonderful introduction of Curetogether.com!


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to let you know that I have endometriosis and that I have been pain free for 4 years now!!! I started to practice tajiquan regularly and very seriously. After I learned how to do an exercise - don-yu which I practice regularly I have no more pain. It is not as easy as taking a pill but it sure does help. The organization that helped me is International Taoist Tai Chi Society (taoist.org).
Good luck!
Jasna from Curetogether.com

Jeanne said...

Jasna from Curetogether.com,

Welcome to the blog! I am thrilled for you that you have pain-free for so long! That's fantastic!

I never heard of this modality until I read comments like yours on www.CureTogether.com.

It's always nice to learn about additional modalities that can complement the standard "drugs & surgery" so often offered as the only option in Western Medicine.

Thank you for telling us a bit about tajiquan. There is a hunger, I believe, for learning about other options besides just "drugs and surgery" only.

Integrative/alternative/ complementary medicine are so important. Alternative in combo with Traditional Western Medicine is powerful stuff.

Thank you for posting the resource here! I'll have to check that site out!

Be well,


Jeanne said...

Jasna (from www.CureTogether.com),

It was my PLEASURE to do my small part in publicizing this groundbreaking medical research organization!! :)

Everyone at CureTogether is so helpful and passionate about endo and the other currently featured illnesses for research (vulvodynia and migraines).

Thank you for such great comments and support!!

It was truly an honor to write an introduction of Curetogether.com!

Jeanne :)

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