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I’m Way Too Tired and Sore to Post Today. Maybe Tomorrow. Very Ill. I’ll Keep You All Posted As I Am Able.

Hi everyone,

I hope to post soon. It's just not happening today. I wish I could. In the meantime, browse through my archives. There must be something there you haven't read yet. :)

Take care,


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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanne,
hope your lab results are in soon and that they are good news.

Jeanne said...


Supposedly I will know more tomorrow (Thursday). Thank you for thinking of me. For those who are wondering what Alicia means, I am being tested to see if I may possibly have a tumor. It is not endo-related that I know of but it could maybe possibly be malignant. Awaiting results from lab.


Jeanne said...


Expected time (ETA) for lab results is narrowed down now (by Dr. N.'s office) to tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for the positive energy!!! You are awesome!!!

Jeanne :)

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