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Endometriosis Blog: Ground Rules for Comments, Google, and AdSense PLUS My Anticipated Response Time for Comments

Hi everyone! At this early stage of the blog, I’d like to try to get clear expectations from you who read the blog as far as what content most interests you.

In turn, I would appreciate if you’d take a moment to read a few simple rules to keep our comment posts as uplifting and supportive as possible. The rules below are a mixture... Some are rules which AdSense itself may expect me to have my blog adhere to. Some of these rules may be even more specific/common on blogs which commonly discuss medical terms (i.e. medications, nutritional supplements, etc.). Finally, I may have put my own touch on the rules as far as what I personally am comfortable with for my endometriosis blog.

First let me explain moderated blogs for anyone unfamiliar with the term. Moderated blogs can basically be set up so that articles/posts by the blog’s author (in this case, me) can choose whether to "publish" or "reject" a comment made by an Internet user who chooses to comment on the post(s).

So, I’ll give an example.: I don’t wish for there to be profanity on my blog. The easiest way by far for me to ensure that there isn’t any profanity on my blog is to moderate the comments before posting them.

This is for several reasons. (1) I don’t care to have my blog associated with profanity. (2) If my blog were totally un-moderated, people could post obscenities that I might not be able to easily remove from my blog’s comment screens after the fact (assuming I even saw the obscene comments after they were posted). (3) I have agreed as an AdSense advertiser (yes, I’m talking about those Google ads on my blog) not to allow inappropriate blogging/commenting on my blog. (4) By reading comments as soon as I am able (via email) to view them, I am better able to keep in touch with the readers’ needs.

As the moderator, I can choose an option to “publish” or “reject” any comment. I have not rejected any comments but I am fully aware that someday I may choose to exercise my right as moderator of this blog to “reject” a particular comment. If I establish some basic ground rules now, I am hoping it will be clearer for me and the blog’s readers what is/isn’t considered appropriate for this particular blog.

When I established this endometriosis blog on 6/1/2008, I selected the available BlogSpot option to ‘enable moderation’ of the comment boards, as is very common on many types of blogs. Medical topics can be particularly sensitive due to liability, advertising rules, the FDA, etc. Moderated comments were the only logical option for this endo blog.
So, as we’re rounding out the first month of this endometriosis blog... it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to state some ground rules for posting comments to the articles posted.

As a BlogSpot writer, I decided to be an AdSense advertiser. The Google ads you see on my blog are managed by a company called AdSense. I have an agreement with AdSense and want to make very sure that I am following their rules, as per our contract agreement. In order to follow their rules, I need to ensure my comment boards are managed, by me, in an appropriate manner. Also, I may elect to introduce future ads other than AdSense/Google ones and I need to “keep a clean shop” for that reason as well.

Ground rules for Jeanne’s Endo Blog:

(A) There will be no personal attacks on the comment boards.
(B) There will be no political or religious discussions on the comment boards.
(C) Due to my contract with Google/AdSense or ads with any future advertising companies, please be vague if ever referencing commercial items (i.e. please state “prescription estrogen” rather than posting words or links about or including a specific brand name of estrogen or even a specific manufacturer or prescription estrogen. It’s OK to say “estrogen” or provide a website/web link about the general topic of estrogen. However, posting comments about a particular brand of estrogen or posting comments linking to websites that ever carry ads for specific brands of estrogen would not be appropriate for this particular blog. Please try to remember not to name any specific pharmaceutical companies, drug wholesalers, etc.

Also... due to the number of comments and private emails regarding this blog I have already gotten (keep them coming!!!), I may not always be able to reply to each and every comment posted on my blog. I have already gotten a wonderful response in under a month and it is steadily rising. In addition to responding to comments here on the blog, posting on the blog, adding cool features to it (check out the cool FEEDjit widget tools in the sidebar of my blog) and the private emails I send/receive about the endo blog... plus my duties as a volunteer co-leader for an in-person endometriosis support group in my geographical area... plus my numerous chronic illnesses, there will certainly be times when I can’t respond to every single comment. (I do pledge to read all of them, though, as soon as I am able).

Please bear in mind that I have been too sick too work outside the home for several years now. This blog is a big undertaking for me and I will continue to do my best to be as responsive as possible to your comments on the blog and your emails to my personal account: mailto:endendo@frontiernet.net?subject=Endo%20Blog%20Ground%20Rules..

I would prefer you post comments unless it is a private matter. This will reduce duplication of efforts on my part and improve the speed with which I can respond to all readers of this endo blog.

As you know by this point, I am not known for being brief! So writing simply takes time and energy for me that SOME days just won’t exist with my illnesses.

I’m not complaining!! I have absolutely loved my first month of blogging and am happy to be writing this blog and providing a safe, pleasant place for readers to converse on the comment boards. If you are new to posting comments on blogs, my blog is very simple to use. BlogSpot blogs like mine have a “comments link" in small font underneath each post. If you see a post/article you’d like to comment on, just click comments. A window will appear. In the window, type your comment. If you have a Google account and wish to post with that name showing, you may do so. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED, HOWEVER TO HAVE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO POST ON THIS BLOG. You may simply type your first name (or even a “pseudonym”). Or, you can even choose an “anonymous” option if you choose to do so. There is no special log-in required! It’s fast and easy!!!

As far as I’m concerned, the more comments the better!!! While I may not be able to keep pace with all of you simultaneously commenting here (or emailing) me, you all can have fantastic conversations without me! If I’m too sick to post, I will make every effort to “publish” all appropriate comments as quickly as possible. You all are perfectly capable of talking amongst yourselves.

You can post back and forth because if you check the option (when you post your comment) that indicates you want to be copied in on any additional comments to xyz post then you will get email notification (if you checked that option) of a new comment being made when it happens.

So if I got hit by a bus, I would have my husband select “publish” on any emails that were pending moderation (provided they follow the above rules). Once the moderation goes through, your comment gets posted and the same thing happens with the next person. So I don’t necessarily even have to write anything to keep the comment area rolling along as long as I have someone who would be willing to step in temporarily and moderate the comments based on the above rules.

So please let’s keep the great discussions we’ve already been having going on in just this first month going strong AND let’s have many more where that came from.

I am very pleased with the warm reception I’ve gotten for this endo blog. On and off the blog... by comments and by emails, you have been so supportive of the effort it has taken me to create and maintain this blog. With my illnesses, it’s not easy. The great thing is that I can set my own pace and I can do it in the comfort of my own home. It has been heartwarming to see the reaction from my family & friends, my fellow (local) endometriosis support group members, my fellow bloggers (blog writers) and everyone who has posted comments on this blog! I am psyched up and ready to go.

So let’s get this blog really rolling now. The more comments you post the better. I can’t wait to hear from you!




This article was posted by Jeanne via "Jeanne's Endo Blog" at www.endendoat.blogspot.com.

This article was posted by Jeanne via "Jeanne's Endo Blog" at www.endendoat.blogspot.com.


Yaya said...


Jeanne said...

Hey there Alicia (aka "yaya")!

I see you made it through my long post in one piece. Hooray!

Seriously, I'm sure you understand the need for keeping blogs "clean" since you have a blog of your own.

I know you don't have the ads I do but I just want to "put it out there" so that everyone's on the same page as far as my intent with this endo blog.

Thanks for often being the first person to reply to my posts on this blog. Your support means a great deal to me!!!

I hope you are still feeling better!!!



P.S. I know I have not replied to your previous comment on another thread. The last couple of days have been painful and I am overwhelmed right now. Thanks for your patience.

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