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'Jeanne's Endo Blog' Thanks Tammey Of The Yahoo Group "LupusAutoimmuneSisters"

Sometimes people are just plain nice.

Recently, I met a woman on twitter named
Tammey. We exchanged several messages and she was very friendly. So, I asked her the same question I ask everyone these days, "will you sign my petition?"

She kindly agreed to do so, despite the fact that she does not have endo. Then she volunteered to share the petition with her LupusAutoimmuneSisters support group and ask them to sign it too!

Twitter users, please send her a thank you tweet:

Sometimes people are just plain nice.

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tammey said...

I just wanted to say, thank you so very much for the kind words. You are such a doll. You show the world what courage is all bout. Keep up the wonderful work.

Jeanne said...


You know all about courage, my dear. I look forward to hearing about your trip to talk with legislators about health matters on the 25th! You go, girl!!


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