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Three Days To New Blog!

My new blog launches June 1st (which is also my 1 year blogoversary)!

Three more days until the move to this blog's new home!

I have been spreading the word in various places: twitter, my YouTube channel, MyBlogLog, Facebook, etc.

I could use all the help I can get spreading the word about my blog's move! So, please consider retweeting my twitter message or sharing my Facebook links. Every little bit helps. I would really appreciate any help I can get spreading the word about this move happening June 1st. Thank you!

If you don't have a gravatar set up, please see this site:


By setting up a gravatar, your picture will appear on my new blog (i.e. when you comment on the new blog)... rather than a default image appearing to represent you). I'm still getting used to my new blog but I believe this will cause you to link back to your own site too (much the same as your Google profile links to your blog).

There will be a learning curve for me with this new blog; I'll need your patience while I get used to my new home.

Don't forget... there will be blog giveaways in the early days of the blog. So stay tuned!

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Jannie Funster said...

I'll reTweet you! Will give me a great exercise in learning how to do that.


Jeanne said...


If you need any help retweeting, you just let me know. I just won 3rd place in a tweeting contest you know.

You got the TweetDeck installed, right? I think you said you did. This will give you a chance to really try it out. :)



Alex said...

Down to 2 days now, how exciting!!!

Shauna said...


Countdown....3..2..and WHAM! I can not wait to see your new blog!!!

Take a rest, IF you can... (lol) before the blog launching takes place.

Hope you are getting some much-needed rest.

Gentle Hugs,

P.S. I need to learn all about Tweeting...been signed up, just haven't found the extra time I need to just be able to sit down for a moment and type out a few characters!! But now right now Jeanne...not over here!! xoxxoxo

Jeanne said...


Thank you! It is exciting!

I wish you the very best of luck on Monday's surgery and my thoughts will be with you!!

Best of luck!


Jeanne said...


Yes, it's getting down there!!

Countdown is almost over now!

I can not wait for people to see either.

Rest? What's that? A 4 letter word that starts with an "R"... I can see what. But what does it mean exactly?

Ohhhh, is that the nice, peaceful, rejuvenating thing I've heard about?? Hmm. That's going to have to wait a tad longer for me. :)

Just kidding. Actually, I was so tired earlier today that I just totally crashed for several hours. So my body is making sure I get rest whether I want to stop or not. :)

Let's just say that while Hubby drove the car today, I fell asleep. Then when we got home, he had GREAT difficulty waking me up.

After that, I stumbled into the house and crashed some more. So... don't worry. I'm getting rest. (Though clearly not at the right hours as the telltale timestamp here will soon reveal. :)

Sending gentle hugs your way,


P.S. Tweeting is easy. Don't be intimidated by it. You'll pick it up easily. I used to do it from web but now I use TweetDeck (a million times better). I should warn you, though, that TweetDeck can be a bit of a memory hog.

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