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Jannie Funster CD Release Today

This blog post is long overdue in that it's a lighter post. Those who have read this blog for awhile know that I occasionally post art and music to lighten things up.

Today's post is a special one because my friend Jannie Funster has a CD releasing today!

I first met Jannie when she left a comment on my blog. Jannie, you see, has endometriosis and she went through a prolonged battle with infertility. While her blog's readers may know her for her humor and wit (both of which she has plenty!!), I know that things have not always been so rosy for her. Life as the Funster hasn't always been so fun.

So please join me in supporting Jannie Funster by checking out her new CD at the blog link just listed. There you will find samples of the songs on her new CD.

Here is a sample tweet that I sent out to help promote Jannie's music:

Want new music? Follow @janniefunster whose music CD comes out on May 11th!! Hear song samples on her blog! :) http://bit.ly/JmxXV

Please retweet!

I was blown away by the clarity of her voice. It can't really be compared to any other voice but as we listened to the song samples this weekend, Joni Mitchell popped to mind for me and my husband thought of Celtic singers (i.e. from Riverdance or Celtic Woman).

Poet, singer, songwriter, blogger who makes people laugh... Jannie Funster is one special woman.

On this CD, Jannie shows her Funster side and if you listen to the song samples you'll hear how silly she can be. One song in particular is destined to become a hit in this house. We can already tell from the song snippet. I can't wait for my CD to arrive in the mail. Yes, I have already placed my order.

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Yaya said...

Oh how exciting!!!!

Jeanne said...


I know! I'm hoping to send some traffic her way!


Jannie Funster said...

You are soooooo sweet!

And dear blazingly blue-eyed Yaya came over and gave her congrats.


Jeanne said...


I am so happy for you making this happen!! Yay Jannie!!

I'll bet she did. She is one amazing, sweet, wonderful person.



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