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Have You Voted Yet?? :) :) :)

This article was posted by Jeanne via "Jeanne's Endo Blog" at www.endendoat.blogspot.com.


Kerry said...

Hi Jeanne, Yes, by absentee ballot last week. Such a convenient way to vote when homebound!

So far, it sounds like election turn out is breaking records. Perhaps the highest turn out in a hundred years. Wouldn't that be something? Yeah American citizens!

Jeanne said...


I'll be heading out to vote as soon as my husband gets done with work.

That is a great idea for those who are homebound to vote that way. :)

Yes, it's so wonderful to see the high voter turnout... It means that more voices are being heard!

I think it's fantastic that so many people are voting. I vote in every election (including all primaries) and I'm surprised by how many people choose not to vote. Every vote counts!



Jannie said...

Jeanne, I am just a Canuck green-carder but next election I'll be a full fledged citizen and I'm sure my vote will make or break an historic election.


Jeanne said...


Hey, every vote counts!! Your voice will be officially heard next time. :)



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