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Endometriosis Blog: "Lemonade Award" for Jeanne's Endo Blog

I am thankful to Mckay k of Living With A Chronic Illness for awarding my blog with the Lemonade Award.

This award is given to blogs demonstrating a great attitude of gratitude.

Living With A Chronic Illness is full of practical, helpful information. Her positive attitude despite great adversity is an inspiration. She consistently writes interesting, thought-provoking articles that touch many.

In keeping with this award's tradition, I will now honor 10 other blogs with the Lemonade award, as follows:

1. Being Chronically Ill Is A Pill

2. Endometriosis: The Silent Life Sentence

3. Fighting Fatigue

4. ICI Experience

5. In's & Out's of Endo

6. Jannie Funster: When In Doubt Go For The Fun

7. LEMON-AIDE: Living With Complex Chronic Illness

8. My Journey With Endometriosis

9. So Sioux Me

10. Yayastuff

This article was posted by Jeanne via "Jeanne's Endo Blog" at www.endendoat.blogspot.com.


Anonymous said...

Aw! Thank you!!!!

Jeanne said...




Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jeanne! You made my week!

Jeanne said...


Good!!! :)


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