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Endometriosis Blog: World Diabetes Day - November 14 (VIDEO INCLUDED)

My mom has Type II diabetes and I am posting here to draw attention to World Diabetes Day in response to a blog post about pre-diabetes and diabetes on The ICI Experience.

For more information about diabetes and pre-diabetes, please see:

"Monday, November 10, 2008 World Diabetes Day and my second appointment at the FFC, Part 1" on the The ICI Experience blog.

For a link to a video of a child's perspective of Type I diabetes, click here:

Children & Diabetes: Abigail talks about Type 1 diabetes and how it changed her life.

This video was courtesy of icarecafe.

Thank you.

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Maureen Hayes said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mom and a help to so many others. You help so many with multiple chronic illnesses!

I wanted to congratulate you on the new look of your blog, I LOVE it!! You sure have come a long way since starting in June and it shows--GREAT JOB!


Jeanne said...


Thank you!! I appreciate your kind words.

I'm glad you like my new blog template too. :)



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