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Endometriosis Blog: National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week - "Medications, Illness, Fertility and the Desire for Motherhood"

As mentioned in previous posts, this week's events for National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week include online seminars. Callers can dial in and talk about various chronic illness-related topics.

Yesterday there was a seminar on "Medications, Illness, Fertility and the Desire for Motherhood" with Jenni Saake. (I was unavailable to participate at the time of Jenni's seminar but thankfully all of this week's seminars are available in the blogtalkradio archives)!!!

I had posted a general comment on the II forum yesterday (II is commonly used this week as an abbreviation for "Invisible Illness").

Then, last night, Jenni posted a comment on this blog (see Jenni Saake's comment in the comments section of Tuesday, September 9, 2008 Endometriosis Blog: National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week - Shameless Plugs For Their Merchandise). She had seen my comment and had tracked down this blog since the "endometriosis" topic got her attention.

I have since listened to Jenni Saake's seminar and I'm sure many of our readers will find it helpful!!! If you are interested in listening to it, you'll simply need to register for a blogtalkradio login (a quick process)... and then login to blogtalkradio when you're ready to listen to archived seminars like this one.

The name of Jenni Saake's seminar is:
"Medications, Illness, Fertility and the Desire for Motherhood".

Here's a description of the show (as listed on blogtalkradio):

Wondering if you should consider parenthood with your illness? Concerned about your fertility as well as the impact of medications? Jennifer Saake has lived 18 years of illness, with infertility for 10 of those years. Balancing both conditions includes: medication side effects (illness meds on fertility and fertility meds on illness), questioning sanity of wanting desperately to have children yet fearing how she would care for them when she can hardly care for herself, facing the frustration of attempted adoption when her health makes her less "marketable." She has written a book on infertility and loss and is praying about someday writing a book on living with chronic illness.

I encourage you to check out Jenni Saake's talk on blogtalkradio by logging in as described above. With Jenni Saake's personal experience with endometriosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS), hormonally-induced panic attacks, infertility issues, investigating adoption, miscarriages, PCO (polycystic ovarian syndrome), surgery, pre-diabetic condition, artificial insemination, etc... I'm sure many readers here will have a great appreciation for Jenni Saake's compelling story!

Jenni's story is engrossing, informative, and very worthwhile listening! Please consider listening to this fantastic program!!

Here are two of her sites that she mentioned during the program:


This is a wonderful seminar that will appeal to many readers of this blog!!

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Jenni Saake said...

Thank you so much for such a kind and enthusiastic post about my seminar yesterday. :) It's women like you, with a passion for helping reach out to those in pain, that bring hope to so many. {hugs}

Jeanne said...


Thank you for kind words! I have mentioned your seminar to several people verbally as well as on the blog.

Hopefully some of them will listen to it because I just thought it was great. :)

Your passion for helping reach those in pain was very evident on your call/seminar.

You've been through a great deal and by sharing all of the anguish you've been through BUT ALSO THE HOPE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT ANGUISH... your story is helping countless others.

I'm just so glad I got to hear your seminar and I'm hopeful that many readers from my blog will take the time to listen to it.

Do you know how long the archives will be available? I would imagine they won't be out there indefinitely. I'm hoping a few of my support group members can hear it before it's purged out of blogtalkradio.

Hugs back to you! :)


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