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"Jeanne's Endo Blog" Thanks Melissa Ralston Of "Endometriosis: Facing The Battle Head-On"...

Thank you to Melissa Ralston for the shout-out about my endometriosis awareness petition and our efforts to attract media attention to the importance of getting endometriosis FACTS out to the public.

Here's her post:

Raising Awareness: Media Campaign for Endometriosis Awareness Month (March)

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Yaya said...

You sure are "getting big"! :) :)

You deserve it, you do amazing things for endometriosis advocacy and awareness.

(ie; without you I would still be in that dark hole I dug myself 2 years ago after my surgery...)

Jeanne said...


I don't know about that but I appreciate your kind words.

You could never be in a "dark hole", my dear. You're far too enlightened!!! :)

You are beyond awesome, Alicia!

You have helped SO many people via your blog on everything from endometriosis/infertility to adoption to trying to get pregnant with hormonal treatment.


Your blog is AMAZING!

You are a role model for advocacy and awareness on infertility, adoption, foster-to-adopt, endometriosis, etc.


Kelly D. said...

I signed the petition. You are making huge strides and increasing the awareness about endo. You go girl!

Jeanne said...


Thank you!!!

It's exciting to see so much excitement about endometriosis!

What a way to kick off Endometriosis Awareness Month! :)

There's so much going on that it hard to keep track of it all! It's just amazing.

In 27 years of having endo, I've never heard this much buzz. People are starting to hear about the endo cause!

The more names we get on that petition the better! Anyone who support endo patients can sign. It's all about awareness.

So feel free to spread the word about the petition!! :)

Thanks, Kelly!!


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