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"Jeanne's Endo Blog": Endometriosis Awareness (Vlog Post 2)

Our campaign is making progress! If you have not seen the related posts preceding this from 2/16/2009, 2/20/2009, and 2/23/2009... please see links at the end of this post so this one will make more sense.

Welcome to my second vlog!

THANK YOU you for the warm welcome on the first one... the most comments I've ever had to one blog post!

The video clip below will update you on our endometriosis awareness campaign status: our awareness petition, our letter-writing campaign, our variety of efforts to seek media attention regarding endometriosis facts, and our preparation for Endometriosis Awareness Month.

Video is copyright © 2009 Jeanne's Endo Blog. All rights reserved.

In preparation for Endometriosis Awareness Month... I am asking endometriosis patients, bloggers, and anyone else interested in the endo cause to please contact Donna Jackson Nakazawa (contact info for her blog address is in link below).

Also, would all twitter users please include this symbol at the end of all endometriosis-related tweets?


You may have noticed other bloggers using similar hashtags...

Such as "The Spoon Lady" from:

But You Don't Look Sick?, written by Christine Miserandino.

Christine uses the symbol: #spoonie

By using #endo, we will be able to search twitter for endo-related tweets. So will anyone who uses twitter and makes use of it's search function.

Granted, with a 140-character limit per tweet, sometimes it may be a bit challenging to fit the extra 5 characters. However, this will code enable us to sort/search for the tweet messages we need more quickly & effectively and it will catch the attention of others to the endo cause.

If you haven't already done so, please comment on Donna Jackson Nakasawa's blog (see link below for her blog and info about contacting her! :)

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Mckay K said...

Another great vlog Jeanne. I can feel the momentum building.

Jeanne said...

Mckay k,

Thank you! Yes, we're getting great feedback for the petition and the letter-writing... and it's exciting!! :)


Alexandra Carmichael said...

oops i commented on the wrong post - see my comment for the post on donna :)

Anonymous said...

Great vlog!!!!!!

But wait, I have something for you...

A SMILE! Come on, you have a great smile so show it in your vlogs! ;)

LOVE your ORANGE-y shirt you're wearing!

Okay, gonna go to Donna's blog next and comment.

I feel 'guilty' sometimes that Endo doesn't get as much of my attention as I would like, but between trying to raise awareness for infertility, miscarriage AND adoption it seems that as of lately endo awareness has fallen a bit on my behalf. So I'll try to get better in March about that with it being Endo awareness month. Hope you don't mind if I sort of use you and refer to you a lot since that will take a load off of me!

Jeanne said...


Thank you!!!!!!

Yeah. I have to work on that.

I just went to the dentist this week and had work done, yet again, on my front teeth.

I have gotten into some bad habits of not smiling like I used to because of my teeth being messed up.

However, he just fixed part of the really noticeable stuff. So it's not as bad now as it was a few days ago. I just want my old teeth back! My teeth have gone rapidly downhill this last year.

They say the health of your teeth is a reflection of your overall health. I think they are right on that point. I'll have to work on that one.

I wore that orange shirt just to make you smile! Seriously, I rarely wear orange and I honestly did pick orange because I know orange cheers you up. I have to take care of my top commenter! :)

I knew you'd notice the orange!

Yay! Thanks for going to Donna's blog to comment!

Don't feel guilty. Your plate is WAY full!!!! You don't owe anybody an explanation for anything. You always blog your heart out! :)

Refer people to me all you want. :)


Jeanne said...

Alexandra of CureTogether posted this message to a different post by mistake and I told her I'd manually copy it here for her:


Alexandra Carmichael said...

Hi Jeanne,

Great vlog!! I like that you're closer to the camera on this one (and you look beautiful!) - it was a bit hard to hear and took a while to load, but it was worth the wait!

Congrats on the new format! :)


February 25, 2009 1:18 PM

Jeanne said...

My response to Alexandra's previous comment (above)!


Thanks for the compliments on my second vlog.

I'm not sure why it was hard to hear because it sounds fine on my end. ?? I even spoke up louder on this one after comments about the first one being "quiet". I'm still getting used to vlogs so I don't know why it's quiet for you and loud for me. ??

As far as it taking time to load, I had trouble the night I transferred this from YouTube to my blog.

We had thought that what we had was a router problem but after replacing it with a brand new one, our router is still taking lots of hits... resulting in screens freezing and lots of reboots!

So not sure if our current phone line problems (apparently phone line trouble) are a factor with video issues or not -- but I'm glad it eventually worked for you!


P.S. I see that you intended this comment to be placed on vlog #2 so I'll copy/paste it there... :)

Jeanne said...

Regarding this message above, I already took cake of it (please see above)!

"Alexandra Carmichael said...
oops i commented on the wrong post - see my comment for the post on donna :)



Faren said...

I really like your videos! They're so much more personal than reading... I get to see the real live Jeanne! =) And you have such a sweet and nice demeanor that is missed in serious blog writing. Thanks for sharing as always.

I agree with Alexandra's comment, that it was still a bit soft (because your voice is so sweet really) and I had to turn up the volume full notch. I like your voice the way it is, I wouldn't want to you to broadcast in a voice that wasn't yours... but maybe something with the mic setup/sensativity. Can't wait for the next!

Jeanne said...


Long time no hear... great to hear from you!! :)

Thanks for your comment. I know you had emailed me that you weren't sure this comment would post because this is an older post. Not a problem!

Thank you for your supportive comments.

I still don't know why the volume was too low for some people on the first couple of videos I made. Part of it may have been me not speaking loudly enough. (I know one of the videos I was pretty mellow because I had already taken medication that night that makes me drowsy).

I made an effort to speak up in subsequent videos and will be interested to hear whether you can hear them better. I have made 4 videos so far but one went longer than YouTube's 10 minute limit (oops) so I had to split it in two.

So there was one video preceding this and then there are now 3 videos following this one. Just click on the YouTube button on my blog's sidebar to access my YouTube channel, which has all of the videos.

In any event, I am hoping that the more recent videos are easier for you to hear. Let me know.

I am long overdue to make a video. Between various health issues, working on my blog transfer (I'm switching to a brand new blog to replace this one), and some very busy times (!) in the endometriosis world lately, I haven't been able to make a video in awhile but hope to do so soon.

I think I just need to make a conscious effort to speak up a little because the microphone is on the camera and that's not very far away from me.

So, hopefully the volume issue has improved in the last couple of videos.

Please let me know because if it's still an issue I will only know if people tell me. Since the volume sounded fine to some people and not others, I really need to hear specifically from those who heard it low.

It was so nice to hear from you! I have missed you. I hope you are doing well and look forward to talking with you soon!

Take care,


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