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INFERTILITY, IVF, & Keeping Hope: Sarah Motes Ashley - Singer. Songwriter.

YouTube description of the following video:

"Five years, six IVFs, 30 pounds: what infertility is doing to me. Music video by Sarah Motes Ashley and Somebody's Band for the International Infertility Film Festival".

(Video clip posted on YouTube by "sarahmotesashley" on March 28, 2008)

SEE SARAH'S SITE --- Sarah Motes Ashley: Singer. Songwriter.

If you are interested in seeing her sing live, there is an option from her website that allows you to submit a request for a particular geographic area if you wish. Sarah Motes Ashley was the winner of a 4th Annual International Infertility Film Festival (IIFF) in 2008.

See the International Infertility Film Festival (IIFF) site for more information about the film festival.

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Mckay K said...

Oh Jeanne we are so blessed. I was almost there. I was told that if I was not already pregnant, I never would be. I bet their odds.

I cannot imagine how unfulfilled my life would be. I could feel the pain in every word of Sarah Motes Ashley's song.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. GREAT find. My favorite part is on the park bench when they hold up signs saying 'cough syrup' 'just relax' and 'God's will'.....I've heard all those things about 100 times, so annoying.

Jeanne said...

Mckay k,

If only everyone could beat the odds. Unfortunately, I think there are too many people out there who just take their fertility for granted or who don't appreciate how good they've got it!


I'm glad you liked the video. I happened across it last night when I was on the site for the International Infertility Film Festival (IIFF) and it just blew me away!

I have heard from you and many others plenty of examples of people's ignorant comments... and I figured you would appreciate that park bench scene with the signs bearing those hurtful words.

With everything she has been through, I admire Sarah's ability to use humor the way she did in the video. At the same time, I am fully aware that it is no laughing matter to her after 6 IVFs! I just cannot imagine. Alicia, if I could round up all of the people who spout such distressing sentiments and keep them from saying them to you, I would!

My hope is that if enough people speak up about how very insensitive such comments are that maybe, just maybe, at least some of the people who might have said these things will think twice!

That is one of the things I appreciate so very much about your blog posts about this stuff. You call people out for saying these ridiculous remarks. As it should be.

If no one speaks up and lets people know how painful these cliches are, people will more than likely keep spreading such remarks like parrots.

I think when people hear something enough times, they sometimes go into some kind of auto-pilot where they are thoughtless. By thoughtless, I mean they quite literally aren't thinking.

How anyone could think these comments are helpful is completely beyond me.


Jannie Funster said...

Well how cool is she!

And Jenane, yes so many take their fertility for granted. I eventually got lucky, but not until after 10 years of heartache.

blessings to all of you.

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