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Happy New Year! Here's Wishing You The Best Of Health!

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Melissa Ralston said...

Happy New Year to you as well Jeanne! May 2009 bring renewed hope, success at finding relief, and increased health and happiness for us all.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jeanne.
Thank you so much for supporting my new club, it means a lot!

Jeanne said...


I just published your "club" post:


What a great idea to create it!!

Happy New Year!!


Jeanne said...


Thank you! Happy New Year everyone!! :)

I'm am wishing you (and all readers here!) a wonderful, healthy, happy 2009!!


Susie Collins said...

Happy New Year, Jeanne! All health and happiness for you in 2009. Thanks for all your good work on your blog and for all your support of The Canary Report. Aloha!

Jeanne said...


Thank you! Best wishes to you in 2009 too. I really appreciate all of your support, fantastic writing, and the extensive research that goes into producing your blog. Your blog has really inspired me and given me comfort on issues that need attention and understanding. Keep up the good work on your blog; you are helping many people!



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