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Endometriosis Blog: The Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer For Endometriosis Patients

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Endometriosis patients are at increased risk for breast cancer (see below).

Here is a site you may wish to check out:


According to the Endometriosis Association's website under the Endometriosis Association: "Toxic Link to Endo" section, "the incidence of allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities in women with endometriosis is higher than in the general population. Women with endometriosis are also at higher risk for autoimmune diseases and certain types of cancers".

One of the types of cancer women with endometriosis are at greater risk for is breast cancer.

Below is a link to 3 breast cancer videos (from HealthiNation and US News & World Report).

The videos include the following:

(1) What is breast cancer?
(2) True life story
(3) Breast cancer screening

Just click the link below to view the 3 breast cancer videos.

US News and World Report/HealthiNation Breast Cancer Videos

I know a couple of women from my local endometriosis support group (out of approximately 40 women) who are breast cancer survivors.

It is important for endometriosis patients to be aware that they are at increased risk for breast cancer. This information is not intended to be alarming. I believe it's important for women to be informed of their risk factors.

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