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Endometriosis Blog: Still Away From Endometriosis Blog But Hope To Be Back Soon!

I hope to be back very soon to write a proper post. I welcome your continued comments and will moderate the already-existing comments soon!!

Whether you are a regular reader of this blog or a first-time visitor, please feel free to look through previous postings and keep up the insightful comments!!

There is a fair amount of information in them and you are welcome to comment on any of the articles, regardless of when they were posted. I welcome your feedback!!!

The recent "listening to your body" post seems to have "struck a nerve" with many of you! I'm thrilled to see the number of responses that post has gotten because I truly believe it's a very important topic.

Readers have made some thought-provoking comments there and I would encourage readers to take a peek there if they haven't already.

Just look at the post: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Endo Blog: Importance Of Listening To Your Body!!

Well... I'm afraid I need to run but have a great weekend! Here's wishing you a flare-free/pain-free day with your endometriosis or other chronic illness! :)

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are attempting to take some mental breaks for yourself while you have company visiting (even if it's an extra minute when you use the bathroom!)

Jeanne said...


My acupuncturist has taught me well that relaxation breathing can be done anywhere, anytime and it's free. :)

Trust me, though, that if I spent ANY extra time in the bathroom beyond what I already do with interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and endometriosis... people would send out a search team for me!

My husband has teased me for years --- "oh, there you are... I thought maybe you fell in". Yes, that's my hubby. Always there with a joke to lighten the mood. :)


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